Angling Trips from Poole on purpose built catamarans Silver Spray and Silver Spray II. Skippered by Sam & Andy Cumming

On The Day

All anglers must bring the following:
Warm and waterproof clothing - preferably a floatation suit. Shoes with non slip soles, Lunch

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Forgotten something? Don’t worry we have a full range of tackle aboard. We can supply modern rods, reels and end tackle.

Bait (call Andy to discuss)

We will try to catch mackerel for bait in summer but recommend each angler to bring:

  • Frozen mackerel 2lbs.
  • Frozen Squid 2lbs (5lbs minimum for winter cod).
  • Rag worms for inshore or banks trips.
  • Fish carrying bag to take your catch home.

Meeting Place / Pick Up

We will pick you up from the south end of Poole Quay opposite the Quay Thistle Hotel at the agreed time. Car parking available in the Quay Thistle Hotel (postcode BH15 1HD - click for map)


Each passenger is required to read this Safety Notice before embarking on any trip Silver Spray. This notice will be displayed on our website so that you are able to read it before coming on your trip. For many regular anglers and seafarers this will seem like common sense but these guidelines are provided to help you prevent injury through your own actions. We on Silver Spray pride ourselves on taking the best level of care of you while you are on board. We are fully qualified and have a complete inventory of up to date safety aids. You will be given a safety briefing by your skipper before setting sail for the day. If anything is unclear please ask your skipper. Your skipper will be using his full range of skills and will be concentrating to ensure your safety and the safe navigation of the boat.

There are certain areas where you have to take special care and be responsible for your own safety:

  1. Please take care when moving around the boat at all times. Take care to hold on to minimise the risk of falling over and be careful where you tread - the nature of fishing boats can mean obstacles are often in your way. Pay particular attention when entering and leaving the cabin. Be especially careful when it is rough or when there is wash from another vessel. If you need to move about under these conditions please let the skipper know otherwise please remain seated.
  2. Please be very careful when you get on and off the boat. You are not allowed to board or alight without permission of the skipper who will make sure the boat is safely moored up. Don't board or alight with both hands full of gear as you will have no hands free to hold on. Take special care on steps which might have slippery green sea weed or on the dock area where there can be trip hazards.
  3. Please be very careful not to get your hands trapped between the dock and the boat when coming alongside or when the boat is leaving.
  4. Please be very careful when using knives to cut bait and fish and return them to their storage when you have finished with them. Be especially careful when moving around under rough conditions with a knife in your hands.
  5. Take care with sharp hooks especially in combination with heavy leads.
  6. Please handle the fish carefully. Some fish like bass, bream, rays and gurnards have sharp spines. Others like dogfish and tope have rough skin which can cause abrasions. Congers, ling, ray and tope amongst others have the ability to injure by biting. Your skipper will be pleased to help you handle your catch safely

Silver Spray Maritime Ltd does not accept responsibility if you choose not to comply with these safety guidelines.

S A Cumming
Poole,Jan 2013

S J Cumming

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